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Seeds and grains that we buy are subjected to a process of cleaning by the adapted for such a purpose hardware and machines. Thus prepared goods fulfills the highest demands of our customers.

Years of experience has led to the establishment of permanent contacts both with manufacturers in Poland and beyond its borders. We cooperate with different companies all over the world: in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Italy.

We offer: white mustard seeds, black mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds, yellow millet, red millet, triticale, buckwheat, coriander, sorghum, flaxseeds, rapeseeds, milk thistle, safflower, lentils, peas, beans, spelt, pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, cumin, black cumin, thyme and many others.

We also offer organic goods which are certified.

We have 3 warehouses: